My Visit To The Ark Encounter

My fiance, Abby, and I visit the Ark Encounter. Behind us, you can see how massive the ark is.

Recently, my fiance and I had the opportunity to go visit the Ark Encounter. This was a trip that I wanted to take for some time prior to our visit. While I have some theological disagreements with Ken Ham, he is an individual that I respect greatly. I have personally met people who have come to faith as the result of the ministry of Answers in Genesis, so I wanted to see what was going on with the Ark Encounter.

We arrived at the Ark at around 12:45. The first few minutes involved standing in line to present our reservation to one of the ticket-takers, then waiting on a bus to take us from the parking lot to the Answers Center, where our day really began.

Abby and I take the bus to the Ark.
By the time that we were dropped off by the bus, it was a few minutes after 1 in the afternoon. We only had about 6 hours before the site closed, so we had a choice to make: Ken Ham was slated to speak at the Answers Center at 2. We could listen to him, or we could take some extra time to view the Ark. We chose the latter.

The path leading up to the Ark was full of aviaries and green plants. We stopped for a couple of minutes to watch some of the birds in one of the aviaries before we continued on to the Ark.

One of the aviaries on the path to the Ark.

One of the bushes along the path to the Ark.

When we arrived at the Ark, we went systematically through each story. At the bottom was a ground-level entrance, but the Ark itself contained three stories.It took us almost 6 hours to go through the entire Ark (and there is still some stuff that we skipped over), so it took us an average of 2 hours per level of the Ark. Following are some of the highlights of the trip:

At the entrance to the Ark was a 12 stone monument

Abby and I in front of an exhibit about sea creatures.
The exhibit argues that Noah would not have needed
to take them on board the Ark.
A storage area resembling how Noah may have
stored food for the animals.

An exhibit on the days of creation.

After the Fall, mankind continued to become more and more corrupt.

The question here is valid.

One part of the Ark Encounter that made me a little uneasy was the amount of artistic license that they took in some areas. To be fair, they appeared to stay within the bounds of the Biblical text, and they did post signs in some places stating that they were taking artistic license. We just need to make sure that we do not equate the artistic license with what actually happened. Overall, however, I think that the ultimate message presented is biblical, in that everything that happened culminated in encouraging individuals to repent and place their trust in Jesus Christ.

The encounter did leave room for fun, however:

How did I get in here?

Noah sending out a bird.

Overall, the Ark was huge:

A picture of the height of the Ark to the window in the roof.

A picture of the length of the Ark. The amazing thing is
that this is not the full length. That is, I am not at the far
end of the ship.

Ultimately, there was one major message that was present at the Encounter:

The ultimate message presented at the Ark Encounter.

Overall, it was a productive day. After approximately 6 hours, Abby and I have seen less than half of what is available at the Ark Encounter. I hope to return some day. It was definitely worth the trip.


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