How To Easily Find Christian Resources

Hello everyone. I just wanted to make sure that you were aware that our site now has a tool to help you find Christian resources that you are looking for. Thanks to our friends over at Christian Book Distributors, we now have a tool on our sidebar that will link you to any product that they have available. Let's say you are a Sunday School teacher looking for good resources to help you lead a Sunday School class. Simply click on the sidebar and look for the search bar. Type in "Sunday School" or a related search term, and they will help you find the resource that you need. As a bonus, each time you do this, you will be supporting this ministry, as well. It's literally a win-win-win! Whether you are a pastor, professor, Church leader, or layperson, the next time you need a resource, be sure to use the search bar and check out what our friends at Christian Book Distributors have available for you! You can also use the search box here to find what you need:



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