Introduction To John's Gospel

  When I was a new Christian, I was told that one of the first things that I should read was the Gospel of John. I agree with those who told me this in the sense that John is a great place to start for new Christians. However, as time has gone on and I have become more and more involved in the deep study of Scripture, the more I have realized that a cursory reading of any book of the Bible will leave you missing some of the details. That is, once the context and background is factored in, the study of a particular passage of Scripture becomes even more alive than it would have without this information. For this reason, I wanted to give a brief overview and introduction to John's Gospel. Who Wrote John's Gospel? The Gospel that is attributed to John does not name its author. Traditionally, it has been held from early in the Church's history that John the apostle wrote this Gospel. However, because the author of the Gospel does not name himself, it is not possible to know wit