The Misleading Nature Of "Love Is Love"

This post is not something that I intended to write, but something that I felt needed to be written. There are several things that led to the creation of this post. First is the fact that it is near the end of May, meaning that June is just around the corner. It won't be any time at all before companies of all sizes start trotting out trite phrases like the one in the title of this blog post, all in support of normalizing sexual immorality (and making a quick buck while they are at it). Second, I was made aware only a couple of days ago that someone I know (who will remain nameless, for his sake) has essentially abandoned his wife and son to live a sexually immoral lifestyle. Third, I have noticed more people defending the concept behind the statement in the title of this blog. All of this has led me to share my thoughts on this. You may be wondering why I mentioned the second item above. There are a couple of reasons. First, I am hoping that my friend will see this and amend his

Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

 Do you know the easiest way to annoy a Bible major? It really is simple: Misquote the Bible in such a way that it becomes painfully obvious that you didn't even read the passage you are quoting. It seems that I am finding more and more instances of people who quote the Bible, yet clearly haven't read the passage they are quoting. If the Bible is one of the more misunderstood texts in our culture, and if it is important to understand a statement before offering a critique of it, then it should follow that it is important to read the Bible before commenting on it. Or, at least, read the passage that you are quoting, in context. Yet it seems like people consider the Bible the exception to this rule. This was made even more clear to me today when I ran across this statement from a group on Facebook: This sign gives us some insight into the difference between what the culture at large believes  the Bible says compared to what the Bible actually says. The passage that this sign is a

Which Bible Translation Is The Best?

  I went to a Christian high school. They provided about what you would expect from a Christian school. We had Bible class every morning. We were expected to memorize Scripture each week. We had a time of worship every Friday. They even had a Church service on the School property each Sunday for those who did not otherwise have a Church home. Overall, this was a wonderful school. I loved my instructors, and I loved my fellow students. However, as I have become older and more mature in my faith, I have come to find myself in disagreement with what the school taught on some non-essential issues. One of these issues is the best translation of the Bible. You see, my high school was a King James Version Only high school. We were taught that every translation except the King James Version was corrupted. The NIV was especially called out on a regular basis as being compromised. When we memorized Scripture, it had to be from the King James Version. While I used other versions in my study of Sc