Where To Find FREE Seminary!

I wanted to drop a quick post and let you know where you can find FREE Seminary for the Fall 2021 Semester. For the past two semesters, Wesley Biblical Seminary has offered free Seminary. When I say free, I mean FREE. The only thing that you are responsible for are the books for the class. This offer was good enough to convince me to transfer from Nazarene Theological Seminary to Wesley Biblical Seminary. After transfer credits and the free classes that I will get to take, I will have received approximately half of my M.Div. degree for FREE. However, they are only offering this for the Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 Semesters. If you have a Bachelor's Degree and want to take Bible, Theology, or Ministry classes, you have absolutely nothing to lose by checking them out. I want to take a minute to tell you about my personal experience at Wesley Biblical Seminary.

Wesley Biblical Seminary is a conservative Seminary located in Mississippi. If you are worried about the location, don't be. Their courses can be accessed online. They have a variety of degree options and specializations to choose from. When I transferred, I decided to pursue the M.Div. degree with a concentration in Honors Research. This will help put me in a better position to do Doctorate work later on in my college career.

When I first started taking classes, I went though a New Student Orientation. The instructor of this class walked us through several parts of a typical class, including how to complete assignments using their online system, Populi. After this, I took my first two classes. The first was Discipleship and Spiritual Formation. This was an excellent class in which we were intentional about learning how to run a discipleship group, as well as do discipleship with children in our own home. The second class I took was a Pastoral Counseling class, where I learned practical skills to help when someone comes to me and says, "Pastor, I need you to walk me through [insert situation here]." I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and have benefitted greatly from the insight of the instructor and the instructions found in the textbooks.

The instructors so far have been incredibly helpful, addressing individual student concerns as they arose. They have always had time to email me back when I have had questions concerning assignments or something else related to the class. The professors here really do care. While the standards for each class are high, the professors do an amazing job of equipping you to do the work of ministry through these courses.

If my opinion matters at all to you, then I would recommend that you try out Wesley Biblical Seminary. They are, by far, one of the best places that I have seen in regards to graduate-level degrees. Don't miss out on this free offer!


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