Jesus Loves You (A Poem)

When we open our Bibles the first thing we see
Is the story of God and His creativity.
At this time, there was nothing around.
No light. No plants. Not even a sound.
God spoke it all into being, and with His powerful Word,
He created light, plants, and even little birds.
On the sixth day, God decided to say,
"What will I create on this day?
I have made all the animals now--
The dogs, the chickens, and even the cows.
I know what I'll do, don't you see?
I'll make man in the image of Me."
So from the dust God began to create,
And to mankind, God gave a shape.
Lifeless there, man was left,
Until God gave man His very own breath.
Lonely was man there all on his own,
So God gave man a woman to hold.
"How very good this all is.
I gave them both life, and now they both live.
And though I know they will choose wrong,
Eating My fruit while they think that I'm gone,
I already have a plan in place
To bring them salvation; to bring them grace.
All they'll have to do, you see,
Is turn to My Son so they can be free.
Giving His life, He'll save their own.
Rising again, He'll bring them home.
Nothing can stop this plan of Mine.
I'll put it in place at the right time.
In the meantime, while they wait,
I'll show them My love; show them My grace."
If you are reading this and don't have a prayer,
Look up to God, Who will always be there.
Remember Him Who took so much care
To take care of you in your greatest despair.
Remember Christ who gave His life
That you may live and might not die.
Remember God, Who formed man from the ground.
Remember He loved you even when there was no one around.
Remember that He loves you to this very day
No matter what you do and no matter where you stay.
No matter where you are, or what you've been through,
Remember that Jesus loves me, and Jesus loves you.


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