The Sixth Prayer of Christmas

Dear Jesus,

As we come to You on this, the sixth day of Christmas, we remember Your work in creation. Jesus, we remember how You were in the beginning with God, and how all things were made through You and for You. When the Father spoke light into being, You were there. When the Father spoke the sun, moon, and stars into being, You were there. When the Father spoke the fish of the sea and the birds of the air into existence, You were there. When the Father spoke all kind of land animals into being, You were there. When the Father molded man from the dust and breathed into him the first breath of life, You were there.

Lord, we confess that often we look at creation and fail to see Your hand at work. If only we had eyes to see, we would see Your hand in creation at all times. Lord, Your works are good. Help us to realize this. Jesus, open our eyes, that we may see Your hand in creation. As the Psalmist writes, "The heavens declare the glory of God. The skies proclaim the works of His hand." Help us to see this, as well, Lord.

Lord, we thank You for the order that You have provided in creation. Thank You that You are a God of order and not of disorder. Thank You, Lord, that even though creation is fallen because of our sins, that You will one day make all things new. Thank You, Jesus, that You provide for all of us by Your grace. Thank You, Jesus, that in the order You gave creation, You make the sun to shine, the plants and animals for food, and the people of earth to praise You. Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity to praise You, for even this is by Your grace.

Lord, we pray for those who do not see creation as Your work. Lord, we pray that You will open their eyes and let them see that Your hand is at work every moment and that it was You who made everything. Lord, let them see that creation points directly to You, and to nowhere else. Thank You, Jesus, that there are no accidents in creation. Lord, we pray that You will open our eyes to see Your hand at work in creation more than we have in previous days. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


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