The Eleventh Prayer of Christmas

Dear Jesus,

We adore You. We adore You because You love us so much. Jesus, we know that You love us because You have provided for us in every way. You provide good things for us each and every day. You not only provide for us individually, but corporately as Your Body. You have provided us a firm foundation, with You Yourself as the chief cornerstone. You have also provided us with teaching through Your apostles.We adore You because You took ordinary men and used them to turn the world upside-down.

Lord, we confess that we have fallen short of what You have taught us, both Yourself and through Your apostles. Jesus, we have Americanized the message that You have given, and for that, we are sorry. We beg Your forgiveness.

Jesus, thank You for Your mercy. Thank You for the teaching that You have provided, both Yourself and through Your apostles.Thank You, Jesus, for the firm foundation that You have provided. We cannot thank You enough for this, Lord.

Jesus, lead us as we put Your word into practice. Guide us as we put into practice the teaching of Your apostles. Thank You for the wisdom and leadership that they provided with their lives, Lord. We pray this in Jesus' Name. Amen.


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